Chennai: 10 years jail for taking Rs 1,000 bribe

Namakkal: In yet another stringent punishment for defilement, a 70-year-old resigned town regulatory officer has been slapped with 10 years’ detainment for taking Rs 1,000 as pay off. Resigned town regulatory officer Balaganapathy has additionally been fined `50,000 for enjoying defilement.

He is the second resigned government officer inside of two months to be honoured detainment for a long time by the Chief Judicial Magistrate in Namakkal.

As indicated by the Vigilance and Anti-Corruption police, Balagananapathy was serving in Mavureddipatty close Namakkal in 1997. A neighbourhood agriculturist, Palanivel, drew nearer Balaganapathy for getting a patta and chitta for his territory. Be that as it may, Balaganapathy requested that the rancher pay Rs 1,000 as pay off for giving the patta.

On December 17, 1997, the officer forcefully declined to give the patta unless Palanivel paid the pay off. The anguished agriculturist held up a grievance with the Vigilance and Anti-Corruption police.

A trap was laid and when the agriculturist gave the pay off to the officer, the cops lying in hold up, caught him in the act. A chargesheet was documented in the Namakkal court in 1998. In any case, the case delayed and Balaganapathy resigned from administration. Around 17 years after the occurrence, the resigned officer has been recompensed a stern discipline.

The Namakkal Magistrate S. Malarmathi recompensed five years’ correctional facility term for hostile to social exercises and an additional five years’ term for getting pay off, The sentence will run simultaneously, the judge ruled.

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