Criminal Justice System

Criminal Justice System

1. I Is a legitimate procedure adjusted by a civilized society in the avoidance and solution of wrongdoings which is conveyed on through INVESTIGATION and the persons suspected thereof is taken into lawful authority, indicted in a court of law, and rebuffed if found guilty, or absolved if discovered innocent,provision being made for his/her correction and restoration

2. A review of the Philippine Criminal Justice framework The Philippines, similar to whatever other country that capacity under an arrangement of a democratic culture, works its criminal justice framework mechanical assembly whereby society identifies, examines, blames, tries convicts, rebuffs, and rehabilitation criminal wrongdoers. Consequently, the Philippines Criminal Justice System may be seen in three (3) testing points of view, such as the accompanying:

3. To start with It state the thought of discouragement, the thought that the risk of authorizations can anticipate wrongdoings by making an apprehension of discipline for the individuals who may break the law;Second It follows on the standards of the requital, the thought that criminal guilty parties should languish over the mischief they have done, and their discipline ought to be proportionate to the damage dispensed; and Third It support on the idea of behaviour change, which recommends that criminal assents ought to mean to change sentenced criminal guilty parties so they will avoid wrongdoing later on.

4. THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM AS PART OF THE TOTAL SOCIAL SYSTEM IN THE PHILIPPINES In the Philippines the criminal equity line-organizations is made out of, the Police, Prosecution, Court, Correctional Institutions, Community ,as it is outlined in the graph underneath.

5. Monetary system Educational framework Technological framework Health care framework Political framework Criminal Justice framework Other frameworks


7. The Formal Criminal Justice Process One method for comprehension the Criminal Justice is to view it as a procedure that takes criminal guilty party through a progression of the decision points starting with the capture and concluding with the re entry into society. A comprehensive view of formal Criminal Justice prepare would normally begin with the connections of the criminal justice segments as it is appeared on the diagram underneath whereby the stream of violators passes through criminal Justice System sequential request.

8. Group Violators Correctional Law Enforcement Court Prosecutor Flow of violators through the Criminal Justice System

9. Police/Law Enforcement Specifically, the first stage in the criminal equity process pertains police or Law requirement activities which is carried on through INVESTIGATION of wrongdoings that are reported to or found by the police or Law implementers.

10. A. POLICE INVESTIGATION 1.Initial contact The starting contact with the criminal justice system happens as an after effect of a police actions. Case. A police allocated on watch watched a person really carrying out a wrongdoing, or contacted by a casualty who reports a wrongdoing, the police respond by heading off to the scene of the wrongdoing to investigate.

11. 2. Examination The motivation behind the investigatory stage is to assemble adequate confirmation to recognize the suspect and backing a legitimate capture. The procedure of examination incorporates yet not restricted to:a. Reconnaissance and perception of suspects b. Taking of photos surreptitiously or generally

12. c. Meeting of persons with individual learning of facts d. Ensnarement associates ( with assent with the court) when feasible e. Inquiry of premises or persons and seizures of items, subject to sacred and statutory safe guards f. Examination of open and other accessible records relating to persons included in wrongdoings.

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