General Knowledge

1. As per President’s Emolments and Pension (Amendment) Act, 2008 (No. 28 of 2008) the emoluments of the President of India is:

[A] 1.2 Lakh

[B] 1.5 Lakh

[C] 2 Lakh

[D] 2.5 Lakh


2. 118th Constitutional Amendment Bill, 2012 related to

[A] Amendment of First Schedule to Constitution

[B] Empower the Governor of Karnataka to take steps to develop the Hyderabad-Karnataka Region

[C] Insert a new article 371-J

[D] Replace “Oriya” with “Odia”

3.The Government of India Act, 1935 vested the residuary power in the

[A] Federal court

[B] Governors

[C] British parliament

[D] None of these


4. Who introduced the dual government system in Bengal?

[A] Warren Hastings

[B] Sir John Shore

[C] Robert Clive

[D] Sir Alured Clarke


5. The scheme of Morley-Minto constitutional reforms were came into effect through

[A] Indian Councils Act, 1892

[B] Montagu-Chelmsford reforms

[C] Indian Council Act, 1909

[D] The Government of India Act, 1919


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