Indian State Governments(Civics For Kids)

India has 29 states and a solitary Prime Minister or President can’t in any way, shape or form pay consideration on each and every point of interest in each state. Henceforth every state has its own legislature.

The Constitution unmistakably sets out the matters (subjects) which the state government will manage and the matters which the union government will manage. For instance, general wellbeing and sanitation is on the state subject rundown. It would be senseless if every time a clergyman needed to fly down from Delhi to keep an eye on a healing facility in Satara or Bajrangipur.

The Railways, then again, is a Union subject. The reason is that Railways need to advantage the whole nation. So the focal government must choose the trains, their courses et cetera. You can’t have a train that runs just in Maharashtra. What might you do in the event that you needed to go from Mumbai to New Delhi? On the off chance that railroads were a state subject, then you would need to change trains three or four times!

A few issues can be totally explained at the state level like utilizing the neighborhood police to manage nearby goondas. Some different issues must be taken to the larger amount such as issuing travel permits or utilizing the Army, Navy or Air Force for peace. Regardless of what the issue, the state and union government need to take after the constitution.

The legislature in the state is similar to a little scale adaptation of the Union Government.


  • President is the counselling head
  • Head administrator and Cabinet settle on essential choices for the nation
  • The governing body is made out of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
  • The Supreme Court is the incomparable legal force
  • Situated in the national capital ( New Delhi)


  • Senator is the consultative head
  • Boss Minister and bureau settle on critical choices for the state
  • The lawmaking body is made out of Vidhan Sabha (Legislative Assembly) and Vidhan Parishad (Legislative Council)
  • The High Court is the preeminent legal force
  • Situated in the capital of the individual states


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