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Karnan J. ‘stays’ his own transfer order, asks CJI for written statement

A couple of hours after the Supreme Court held that Justice Karnan need not be appointed legal work, the Madras High Court judge has passed a suo motu request sticking with it Justice of India’s request exchanging him to the Calcutta High Court.

Karnan J. had been given exchange orders on February 12, perhaps in light of the discussions he had included himself in amid his residency.

He has passed the break legal request today, Chief Justice Thakurthrough a letter tended to Chief Justice Thakur, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Law Minister DV Sadananda Gowda set apart on it.

Also, what is considerably all the more shocking is the way that he has defended his activities to “keep up the sacredness” of the Second judges case chose by the Supreme Court.

The truth, be that as it may, is that there is nothing in the Second Judges case to render Karnan J’s. cases even marginally honest to goodness. In Justice JS Verma’s decision, it is obviously expressed,

“(8) Consent of the exchanged Judge/Chief Justice is not required for either the first of any ensuing exchange starting with one High Court then onto the next.

(9) Any exchange made on the proposal of the Chief Justice of India is not to be considered to be reformatory, and such exchange is not justiciable on any ground.”

In any case, that is not all. The High Court judge has additionally requested that Chief Justice Thakur present a “composed explanation” by April 29 this year.

He finishes up the request by saying,

“As a respect for our judicial fraternity, I request your Lordship not to interfere in my jurisdiction, as I am in the process of finalizing an order on merits.

It will enthusiasm to see the response of Chief Justice TS Thakur to this greatly anticipated request on legitimacy.

Transferred Karnan Goes After CJI Now

CHENNAI/NEW DELHI: On a day of extraordinary improvements that verged on the peculiar, a judge of the Madras High Court kept with it request issued to him by the Chief Justice of India, notwithstanding requesting that the last present his composed articulation, while a division seat of the Supreme Court coordinated the Chief Justice of the High Court not to relegate him any legal work.

Maddened by the bar, the judge, Justice C S Karnan, a questionable figure, told the media at a speedily assembled public interview that he would guide the city police magistrate to enroll a FIR against the two judges of the pinnacle court under procurements of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.

The trigger for the inconvenience was the request exchanging Justice Karnan to the High Court of Calcutta issued on February 12. The judge was not willing to acknowledge it, and rather chose to make a move on it suo motu and recorded the matter for Monday.

In the morning, the enlistment center of the High Court, likewise the private secretary of the boss equity, moved the Supreme Court with an appeal trying to control Justice Karnan from undertaking any legal work.

At the point when the request came up before it, a division seat of the Supreme Court involving judges J S Khehar and R Banumathi coordinated the boss equity of Madras High Court not to appoint any legal work to him.

Somewhat later in Chennai, Justice Karnan took up the matter and passed a suo motu request staying his exchange. He battled that the exchange request was against the decision of a nine-judge seat of the Supreme Court in a 1993 case, and stayed its operation summoning Article 226 of the Constitution.

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