New Education Policy Consultation

New Education Policy Consultation

New Education Policy Consultation

The National Policy on Education was framed in
1986 and changed in 1992. From that point forward a few changes have occurred that requires a modification of the Policy.The Government of India would like to bring out a National Education Policy to meet the changing dynamics of the population’s requirement with regards to quality education, innovation and research, aiming to make India a knowledge superpower by equipping its students with the necessary skills and knowledge and to eliminate the shortage of manpower in science, technology, scholastics and industry.

New Education Policy Consultation

For the first time, the Government of India is embarking on a time-bound grassroots consultative process, which will empower the Ministry of HRD to reach out to individuals across the country through over 2.75 lakh direct consultations while also taking input from citizens online.

Formulating the New Education Policy :

The target of the meeting process is to ensure that an comprehensive, participatory and holistic approach is undertaken, which takes into consideration expert opinions, field experiences, empirical research, stakeholder feedback, as well as lessons learned from best practices.

Generally, past Commissions for driving Education Policy have attempted a typical methodology which incorporated the accompanying:

Top down approach based on setting up expert task force, working groups and/or sub-committees.

Every group depended on a topical topic.

Proposals were made in view of field visits, discussions, conferences/workshops,interviews, meetings, limited citizen effort, uncommon studies, meetings with constitutional leaders and elected officials.

The conference procedure included different partners including government, academia, industry, specialists and media.

The conference time taken changed from six months to three years.

While past consultative procedures have been broad, they have brought a top-down methodology, contingent upon restricted criticism from field laborers and partners on the ground who are capable actualizing the Education Policy. Further, they have been thematic based, with discussions being held in silos.

Subsequently, it is prescribed that a period bound, base up consultative procedure is attempted which will be driven by a multi-partner team at the National Level. Such a methodology will empower the Ministry of HRD to connect with people the nation over through more than 2.75 lakh direct meetings while also taking input from citizens online.

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