Indian Divorce rates

Reasons why Indian Divorce rates are Increasing

Indian divorce rate has doubled in the last 7 years. Phew, appears like the rise of ‘cheerfully ever after Indian marriage’ may burst soon! Marriages in our country are sacred, so much that the society considers it as a once in a lifetime event in a person’s life. But if statistics are to be believed, then the ‘D’ word is no longer a taboo in public these days.

Whether you blame it on westernization of our culture or the liberal attitudes of people, call it good news or bad news, the new-age Indian couples do not mind acknowledging divorce as a key to step out of their unhappy marriage.

Indian Divorce rates

What are the reasons why more couples are filing for divorce? Below are five reasons we can think of:
A social stigma? Not any longer.

There is an outlook change in the attitude of the general population. The social shame tag is blurring without end and society has understood that it is ideal to end a marriage, in which both of the accomplices is enduring. These days, a divorcee can undoubtedly move in the social circle or think about how possible it is of remarriage without being looked downward on and feeling humiliated.

2. Women empowerment

Not at all like the more established era ladies, who were subject to their spouses/in-laws and traded off self bliss for an enduring marriage, today’s advanced ladies are monetarily autonomous, all around educated and don’t delay to secure their rights. They need to settle on their own choices relating to training, vocation or marriage.

3. Less respect/regard for marriage

Prior, the couples bowed down to the weights of society to make their marriage work. On the other hand, today, the couples take their connections calmly and may make a beeline for the court without attempting to take a shot at the conceivable answers for recovery their relational unions. Additionally, the developing number of live seeing someone, dating and wedding sites, person to person communication and advanced media stages, and also profession minded couples has likewise extensively made individuals less tolerant and aware of the holiness of the organization of marriage.

4. Similarity

Nowadays, men and ladies have a powerful urge to feel associated with their life partners on scholarly, enthusiastic, expert, or sexual levels for an effective relationship. Following a couple of months or years into the matrimonial bunch, in the event that they understand that they are not good with one another or don’t share regular intrigues, they may wouldn’t fret saying farewell to their marriage.

5. Charges under IPC 498A

IPC 498A was acquainted with give lawful assurance to wedded ladies who were subjected to mental and physical provocation by her spouse or spouse’s relatives. Be that as it may, it has been seen that at times that the wedded female and her fatherly family have been making so as to abuse this demonstration false bodies of evidence against the spouse or his crew. In such a situation, if the protestation ends up being false, then the spouse is qualified for divorce.

The alarming increase in the number of divorces in India is an actuality that we can no more deny.

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