Republic Day 2016: A look at what is special this time

The nation is good to go to commend its 67th Republic Day on Tuesday with arrangements for the formal parade in “Rajpath” is practically over. One of the greatest highlights this year is that the President of France Francois Hollande will be going to the occasion as a boss visitor in the midst of exceptional security in the wake of the assault on Pathankot flying corps base.

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In any case, it will likewise be a standout amongst the most one of a kind parades as of late. Here are a portion of the things to pay special mind to:

Remote armed force to take an interest in occasion interestingly

Surprisingly since 1950, an outside armed force unexpected will walk down the Rajpath amid the Republic Day parade. The 35th Infantry Regiment of seventh Armored Brigade has been rehearsing for the parade after it took an interest in an eight-day joint excercise of Indian and French troops from 8 January.

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Armed force canines to walk following 26 years One of the significant attractions this year which has as of now snatched a great deal of consideration and raised the energy of individuals is that Indian Army pooches will walk down the Rajpath on Tuesday in the wake of 26 prolonged years. Apparently, the Army has chosen 36 pooches out of aggregate 1,200 Labradors and German Shepherds for the occasion. These canines are prepared in employments such as discovery of explosives, guarding, striking, and so forth, and assume a key part in sparing existences of the warriors at different events.

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Shorter and crispier this time Reportedly, the festival this year will be 25 minute shorter than common. The span has been conveyed down to an hour and a half from 115 minutes, yet the arrangement will continue as before.

First time an All-ladies stunt unforeseen The armed force jawans performing stunts on bicycles are a noteworthy fascination amid the parade and this year interestingly, an all-ladies stunt unexpected will likewise be performing amid the occasion. Supposedly, the unforeseen named ‘Ladies Daredevils CRPF’ containing 120 troopers will showcase their expertise this year.

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Lessons learnt from a year ago’s parade The most recent year’s parade saw Chief visitor Barack Obama and Michelle Obama holding umbrellas to shield themselves from the shower at the Republic Day parade occasion. For the current year, the VVIP walled in area will have a mechanized glass rooftop to shield them from downpour and cool climate.

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The Delhi Police has additionally made strict course of action to guarantee security of individuals in different parts of the city on Tuesday. A particular Wireless Integrated Public Address (WIPA) framework has been set up at 31 swarmed places and 13 metro stations. Through this framework, the declarations made halfway from a police headquarters will be heard at all craved areas.
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