The safeguards provided for women under the Constitution and other laws

Some procurements of the NCW Act particularly requires the commission to :

Research and look at all matters identifying with the protections given to ladies under the Constitution and different laws;

Present to the Central Government, every year and at such different times as the Commission may esteem fit, reports upon the working of those protections;

Make in such reports proposals for the successful execution of those protections for enhancing the states of ladies by the Union or any state;

Audit, now and again, the current procurements of the Constitution and different laws influencing ladies and prescribe corrections thereto in order to propose medicinal authoritative measures to meet any lacunae, deficiencies or weaknesses in such enactment;

Take up the instances of infringement of the procurement of the Constitution and of different laws identifying with ladies with proper powers;

The essential command of the Commission is to survey the protected and legitimate shields accommodated ladies, prescribe medicinal administrative measures, congratulate redressal of grievances and guidance the Government on all arrangement matters influencing ladies.

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